Louise Williams and Samantha Fillingham proudly present

Create and Cruise - Luxury Creative Escapes!


Grab some friends and join us on board one of our amazing creative escapes. Take advantage of all the shipboard activities and amenities, take some classes and scrap the hours away to your hearts content with nothing to do but relax and have fun while it's all taken care of for you.

Visit some amazing destinations and have an experience you'll never forget while you travel in luxury aboard one of our partner cruiselines. Check out our current cruise packages and book today!


Why choose a Cruise?

You get so much more with a cruise than you do from any land retreat, and for an all in one package you really can't beat it. Take a look and see for yourself:

Cruise Retreat Land Retreat

All your meals are included and you can choose from the buffet or enjoy Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner in the formal dining room.

Only some or no meals included and there is usually very little choice

One flat fee for all crops and classes

Crops & classes are often individually priced and cost extra, above your participant fee

Entertainment is included - day & night. The cruise ship staff has non-stop activities planned for the duration of the cruise and you can choose from shows, ice skating, movies, shopping, mini golf, swimming and a whole heap more! Entertainment is extra and you have to plan it yourself
Five star service & two room cleanings per day Often there is no housekeeping for the duration of your stay
Visit multiple ports-of-call with no driving or
You have to stay in one place the entire time
Be pampered beyond your expectations in the day spa, relax by the pool while the bartender brings you your favorite drink. If you're lucky the venue might have a pool or spa facilities
Non-scrapbooking family members and friends have a huge range of activities to keep them occupied with while you're in class scrapping You have to leave your non-scrapbooking friends at home. After adding up all your expenses, a land retreat will often add up to more than the cost of your cruise